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St Mary’s Free Christmas Lunch

Looking Back on 2020

A Community Christmas lunch on Christmas day has taken place at St Mary’s, Aylesbury, for the last 20–years, but given the restrictions and limitations placed upon the 2020 event, due to Covid–19, we had to look at different way of doing things.

Details of the Project

The idea was to make up luxury hampers and personal hygiene bags and to distribute them to people that were in real need in our local community over Christmas. Initially we thought about making 120 hampers and 20 bags but after contacting various Aylesbury Agencies to gauge demand we upped that to 300 hampers and 50 hygiene bags!

Packing up Christmas hampers

Who benefited?

The hampers were given out to people in real need: homeless and street people, those recently housed, people on their own over Christmas, families in poverty⁄crisis, those who have fallen on hard times or couldn’t go shopping due to Covid etc. In fact, anyone who needed something special and cheering up! Most were nominated by local agencies.

How Were They Assembled?

Volunteers assembled them on 12th December and the goods were put into ‘turkey boxes’ for ease of carrying as well as family sized boxes. After a busy Saturday we had made up an amazing 323 hampers and 50 bags!

Distributing Christmas hampers

How Were They Distributed?

The hampers and boxes were picked up and distributed from the 16th December onwards by a lot of willing volunteers and by local agencies.

How Was It Funded?

A large part of the funding came from Aylesbury Town Council and the project was also supported by Waitrose and Morrisons. The remaining funds came from other local organsiations and individuals who gave generously via an online funding page. Working with Aylesbury foodbank they also gave us donations for the hampers. We are very grateful of all the support that we were given that enabled this project to go ahead and would like to thank all our sponsors!

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St Mary’s Free Christmas Lunch

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