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Volunteers Page

Helping Our Volunteers to Keep up to Date

The St Mary’s Free Christmas Lunch event of 2018 was, as usual, a great success, but it wouldn’t have been so without the fantastic people that made up our team of volunteers, as well as all those that donated their skills or who helped to raise funds. There were 120 guests and 68 volunteers, with Aylesbury College doing the catering.

We now have all the volunteers we need to run this years event, but daft as it may seem to say this, but Christmas 2019 will be here in the blink of an eye. So, if you would like to put your name forward to help out by all means you may contact us now. The number to call is 07714 246593, or you can use the email address given on the Contact Us page, which is accessible by clicking on the link within this website main menu. Please see the information below concerning the role that our volunteers will be asked to perform.

What Help is Needed?

The tasks that our volunteers help out with are welcoming and caring for the guests, serving meals, waiting on tables, clearing dishes and washing up (more job descriptions below).

When and How Much Time Does it take?

The St Mary's Free Christmas Lunch takes place on Christmas Day from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm and is a non–religeous event. The time you give to it is up to you. It can be just an hour or two, or you can stay from beginning to end. If you can’t make Christmas Day then perhaps you can give up a little of your time to help with vegetable preparation on Christmas Eve. Whatever task you perform it will be of tremandous help.

Main Job Descriptions

Set up Team – This group of volunteers will need to be on hand to set up the floor area of the church with tables and chairs, which cannot take place until after the St Mary’s Christmas day morning service has finished. This will be at approximately 11.30am.

Meeters and Greeters – In this role you will be asked to meet and greet our guests, making sure they are looked after by sitting and talking with them in the reception area. There will be tea and coffee available, so they may need help to get a hot drink. During the Free Christmas Meal, and during the games that follow, you will need to sit at the table with the quests, engaging them in friendly conversation. For this task you too will get a free Christmas meal.

Servers – In this role you will be asked to help plate–up each of the three courses of traditional Christmas lunch whilst those waiting at tables will serve the guests.

Waiters and Waitresses – If you are assigned to this task you will be required to serve each of our guests with their free Christmas meal by taking the plated food to the tables.

Clearers – Those who are working inthis role will be required to remove dirty china and cutlery and take to washing area, after disposing of any scraps.

Washers – Your job will be to remain in the kitchen and to wash and dry all the crockery and cutlery used during the meal.

General Assistants – For this task you will be required to work in rotation with other members of this team to man the front door of the church, each for a short period throughout the day, to welcome guests and to assist with security duties. The team is also made up of First Aiders, entertainment staff, those assisting with transport and other general duties, including helping out at the end of the afternoon to clear and tidy the church.

Volunteer Meetings

Meetings for volunteers are held at St. Mary’s Church in Aylesbury to discuss the allocation of job roles, as well as any other arrangements. If you wish to be involved, please arrive by 10.30am.

2019 Volunteer Meeting Dates

Dates of meetings will be published here.



How Can I Find Out More?

This website is continually updated as and when there is more news. However, if you have any question that youy would like to put to the team then we will be happy hear from you. You can gain access to all the communication methods by going to the Contact Us page within this website.

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